DBS groups

Here at the King’s Centre we gather together in groups because we believe you can’t do life alone. We need one another to grow and develop in our faith. Jesus’ disciples themselves learned together and put into practice what Jesus taught them in this very way. As a church we run Discovery Bible Study (DBS) groups.

The goal of Discovery Bible Study is two-fold:

  1. Encouraging people to hear God for themselves through His word. (What is God saying to you?)
  2. Encouraging people to obey what God is teaching them. (How will you apply what you have learned?)

How does a Discovery Bible Study work?

DBS groups are very relaxed, easy to follow and understand. No matter what your age or stage you are at in your faith, you will get something out of it.

DBS provides a place for people to feel comfortable to share the highlights and struggles of the week, and find support, prayer and help if needed. The main focus is a short passage of scripture which we look at asking “what does this teach us about God?”, “what does this teach us about ourselves?” and “how can we apply what this passage teaches to our own lives?”

Most groups run on Wednesday evenings, usually twice a month, but some take place on other evenings and some take place during the daytime.

The key benefits of groups

As a result of DBS groups and a members committing themselves to applying God’s word to our lives we’ve seen real growth and discipleship in people. We’d love to encourage you to join a group as we believe you too will grow in your faith and your walk with God.

Our hope is that as you feel more comfortable in a group you will be able to invite friends, family members or colleagues along with you. One of the beauties of the DBS style of group is that even people with no prior faith in Jesus can feel comfortable in a group. In this way, we hope to grow the body of Christ and see more and more people come to faith in Jesus.

If you would like to join one of our groups please contact us via the details found here.