February 19, 2017
Life Through God’s Word

Darryl completes his series from the book of Nehemiah looking at chapter 8. Message notes:  http://www.kingscentre.church/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/19th-Feb-Neh-8.pptx

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February 12, 2017
God’s Love – part 2

Paul continues on the theme of God’s Love. You can listen to all the sermons within this series here.

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February 5, 2017
Dealing With Discouragement – Nehemiah

Darryl continues his series from Nehemiah Chapter 4 – looking at discouragement and how to combat it. You can listen to…

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January 29, 2017
God’s Love

Using Romans 5 Paul explains how wonderful the love of God is. You can listen to all the sermons within this…

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January 22, 2017
The Dangers of Spiritual Amnesia

Wendy continues her study of Moses looking at how easily we can forget what God has done in the past and focus…

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January 15, 2017
Community Life in the Church – Nehemiah

This is the next in the Nehemiah series. Chapter 3 demonstrates how much a community working together can achieve. You can listen…

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January 1, 2017
The Year of the Olive Tree

Using the olive tree as an illustration, Darryl gives a 2017 new year message to inspire and encourage us into a deeper…

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December 11, 2016
Christmas is Coming

A call for the church to rise up and share the good news of Jesus. God is moving so must the…

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December 4, 2016
Wait, Work and Wrestle

Second message in the Nehemiah series – Rebuild-Repair-Restore-Recover. You can listen to all the sermons within this series here.  

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November 27, 2016
Who We Are in Christ

Paul Randerson. The third message in the series. Romans 8:17, Galatians 4:7

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